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Thursdays are pretty good days at least in reference to the time I have to be in lectures or tutorials. Start at 9 which most people here seems to think is really early which its not considering that in school people usually started at 8 and back then most people couldn’t just roll out off bed 5 minutes before the hour as they lived further away.

So started with German there were a couple of people waiting on the teacher and then it turned out that they had changed the room, literally 2 seconds after I pressed the button send on an email to said teacher wondering what was going on. But it turned out alright we were just 15 minutes late even though we had from the beginning been perfectly on time. Then straight after German it was time for the first serious lecture in renaissance history. For the first time I had a lecture in Kings College which are some of the oldest buildings on Campus. Then one hour break during which I managed to finish the reading for Archaeology tomorrow so I actually made use of that break which I really need to become better at, actually becoming time efficient. Then one hour biology and then I was done. Had some lunch and then went into town. I was going to just buy food but I ended up buying new tights as well. I’m kind of running out of tights, they break and what not and I forgot the ones I have in Sweden back home when I went home for Christmas.

So I did at first consider buying them at H&M but there they cost 13£ for two which I though was a bit expensive so I went to Primark instead and there they cost 3£ each so it was still cheaper. I don’t know about the difference in quality but the H&M ones are pretty good but they still break fairly easily, I always manage to get them caught up in my nails so I really don’t fancy spending too much money on tights, especially since I’m now into one of my skirt wearing periods meaning I use them more or less every day. Also got a new white blouse as the one I’ve got has stains that won’t go away. Also found a nice chill out dress and it was only 5£ so works for me. So all in all 4 tights, hair elastics, Vaseline, blouse and dress came at around 20£.


Then past Morrisons on my way back to get some bread and cheese. Also got a package of Chocolate Digestives which are pretty good. Totally unhealthy of course.  Now I’d better start working on that lab report or else…

My new nail art brushes, I forgot to bring the other ones so I bought some new ones on ebay.

Free Movie

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So yesterday was a fairly relaxed day. Only two lectures as opposed to Monday but that was only due to the fact that tutorials for two of my classes don't start until next week. So I had a really long break between those two classes, from 11-16. During that time I proceeded to read some of the archaeology although it turned out to be the reading for Mondays lecture so I still have to read for Friday. Silly of Me :) I also bought a fifth edition book for archaeology, I had the fourth but the courseguide said use the sixth or the fifth and then I found the fifth edition for only 7£ and it looked all new and shiny...Mag pie warning. So I most likely could have saved 7£ but yeah....
Went to dinner and had to rush back for a skype chat, good two hours worth of Skyping although we were one woman down ;) After that it was time for doughnuts down in Crombie, who can turn down free doughnuts and coffee. Then went to the movies, as it is re-fresher's week they have all of these activities going on around town and one of them is free movies at the cinema. So we went down to see Pitch Perfect turned out that they had troubles putting it up so it ended up beeing Romeo and Juliet instead. I'm not a big fan of that movie to be honest, I just find it a bit weird when they speak Shakespearian English with an american accent and the plot takes place in modern something south America(?) At least it looks a bit like Rio de Janeiro but I'm sure it isnt. Yes this it the version with Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes. 
Had to walk back because it was past twelve and the buss ticket was by then invalid. But that was fine at least I only had to go back half the way of the rest of them who lives up in Hillhead which is about twice as far from town compared to the Campus area. 

First day of term

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So the new term started today. Had my first lecture at 9 and then directly after that another lecture then one hour break. That break meant lunch time for me as I had another 2 hours straight after that and then one hour break just to have another 3 hours practical. The practical was about counting animals, it was quite fun but now I have one week to write a practcal report anf I have not done that in 2 something years so yeah, freaking out about that slightly. Don't even have excel on this computer yet so I might have to use on of the uni comuters but that means that I can't get help from my Excel Master i.e My Dad who managed to get me through all my other practical reports in Biology during IB as well as Math portfolio. So I better get Office soon or else I don't know what'll do. 
The good thing with the practical was that we ended early as the practicals didn't take all the 3 hours this time. As i said above the practicals were about counting animals using various methods. We tried to count animals on still shots as well as in youtube videos then the students got to represent animals and some were subsequently killed off. I actually survived the counting. The last method was the capture-release-capture method but we didn't use animals instead we used different coloured seed beads. Anyone ever used those know how painfully slow they are to pick up at least one by one so it took a while performing the experiment 20 times in order to get sufficent data. 
But all in all the day wasn't too bad and my other days are better I don't end at 6 all the time. Booked all my tutorials and practicals so now my time table is beginning to take form. Still considering whether I should get some books, they are in the library but I like having my own books in a sense but that would be another minimum 50£....

Lazy Sunday

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So had a sleep in today. Woke up at 8 and then went back to sleep until 10. Stayed in bed reading a book until 11.30 ran to the library to return a film and then back to get the crew to go to brunch. I've borrowed one of my flatmates books, he was doing English so he had to read fairytales. They are quite interesting they show different versions of similar fairytales from different parts of the world and so on. They are quite different some of them. Not exactly children's bed time stories. The Little Red Riding Hood is described as a slut and Snow White is sleeping with the Dwarfs, Disney used his artistic license for the safety of all children I dare say. But it was an interesting book none the less. 
Picture I took on one of my walks during the X-mas holiday.
Home in Sweden
Beach Yesterday, today you couldn't actually see the beach.
Seaton park was only slightly flooded...look at that park bench.
The lake in Seaton Park, oh wait there isn't a lake in the park :p


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When I woke up today the weather was really nice for once, the sun was actually shining it looked like a lovely early spring day. Really nice compared to the shit weather we've had the last couple of weeks, I think the weather Gods pitied us when we we're cramming for exams. Such a shame that I didn't wake up earlier then I might have gone to the beach in time for the sunrise. I have to do that at some point, its just you don't know what the wheather is going to be like and then you set the alarm for early and then the weather is shit and you just wastes a nice late morning sleep. 
Went for a walk to the beach anyway, needed to get some air after having not been outside since I got back to Scotland. Took some more pics of the beach but I cannot be bothered putting them up right now, might to it tomorrow. 
Sorted out most of my time table for this term, Mondays are not going to be funny, starts at 9 and then mostly back to back lectures and tutorials until 6 in the evening. Me don't like that but the last 3 hour practical is only once every second week. And most Fridays are gonna be quite relaxed with only 2 lectures. Still need to get some books, or I can't reallt decide if I should by them or not. I like having my own copy but I am going to be here the whole term and most of them are available in the library and that would mean another thing I like, saving money. Plus I spent a lot of money in the past few days for various reasons so I really don't feel like spending even more. 
Went to a lovely Italian resturant tonight. Finnished it off with watching JAG and Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers so a really good night all in all. 

Bed Day

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So this day has been very lazy. Woke up at a decent hour and went to breakfast with Valerie at 8.30. Considering  that we are completely free today 8.30 is actually decent. Posted some cards and did some laundry. Went to get my internet on the new computer sorted out at the Edward Wright building. Thanks so much for free IT services  that can help out computer illiterates like me :) 
Yes that is pretty much all that happened today, the rest of the day was spent in bed watching JAG and Robin Hood. Dinner and then we might head into town and go to Tiger.

Exams are done!

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So my exams are finally over! They did not go that great but now I got a few days of to recover. Not as many as I'd hoped as it turns out lectures actually start Monday, which is a bit off a pain but I'll just have to cope. Went to Paramount which is a really nice bar actually. And yes that was me saying that. 
Went into town earlier and got myself a new laptop since my old one completely died on me. It turned out chepaer than I expected which is always good and I even got some extra stuff and it still was almost 100£ cheaper. So this is the reason why this is in English because the keyboard is missing some keys so to say :p So I'll probably end  writing in Englishostly from now on as it is kind of akward to write in swedish and I cannot be asked to sit and insert the missing letters, I am just that lazy. 
Off to check how I can connect to the right internet as I am now just borrowing the Cloud while my laundry is getting washed and the battery charged. 

Life hates me right now

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Not only am I stressing out about exams but of course my lap top has to go and die on me as well. Life hates me so bad, thinks its a bad omen or something my exams are going straight to hell! The reasons why this is in English? My Laptop died! and the one I#m currently using are missing certain elements so to say

Random ramblings

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Vem FAN bestämmer sig för att gör toast klockan 3 på morgnen! och lyckas dessutom bränna de så att branslarmet går igång. Någon eller snarare de flestaa var mindre glada när vi blev väckta av brand larmet klockan 3 på natten. De som hade prov 6 timmar senare var definitvt ännu  mindre glada. Brandlarmet har nu gått två gånger under tenta perioden, som tur var eller vad man ska kalla det  har de åtminstone inte varit brandövningar för hade det varit det hade nog folk alvarligt funderat på att döda någon av de ansvariga. Istället är det folk som lyckas bränna saker i en brödrost eller likanande och inte öppnar fönstret. Vad tänker folk med egentligen! 
Ok det var ett lite random inlägg men jag tror jag kommer dör på de här proven. En vecka kvar och jag tror att jag spyr snart. 
Moskva, St Basils Cathedral


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Så här borde mina dagar se ut för de närmaste 2 veckorna: 
8:00 Vakna och gå ner och äta frukost. 
8:30 Börja plugga
12:30 Lunch
13:10 Tillbaka till pluggandet
17:00 Kvällsmat
18:00 tillbaka till plugget
24:00 Dags att lägga sig.
8:00-8:30 Vakna, äta frukost
8:30-9:00 Börjar plugga
9-00-12:30 Pluggar med så få avbrott och distraktioner som möjligt
12:30 Lunch
13:10-17:00 Tillbaka till plugget
17:00 Kvällmat
18:00-20:00 Slöpluggar
20:00-24:00 Ger upp pluggandet och gör något roligare eller vad som helst egentligen som inte är plugg :p

4 Januari

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 Så då var jullovet över. Har kommit tillbaka till Aberdeen hel och hållen. Planet som kulle lyfta 18:35 lyfte nog snarare vid 19:00. Det stod på boarding kortet att gaten stängde 18:05, 18:25 hade vi inte ens börjat få gå på planet. Måste erkänna att man var lite fundersam just då. Men jag undrar o RyanAir vi medvetet sätter en för tidig tid som starttid för vi landade till och med 5 minuter innan vi skulle. Resan gick bra, enligt piloten flög vi via Norge ner över Aberdeen till Edinburgh. Han kunde ju ha släppt av mig i Aberdeen tyckte jag, det hade varit väldigt smidigt. Vi fick åka buss ifrån gaten och in till terminalen, det tog en sabla tid innan bussarna började köra men till slut så. Klarade passkontrollen med lite hjälp, lyckades ju lägga passet fel så läsaren registrerade de inte, men efter att bra-ha gubben lagt passet rätt var det inga problem att passera. Kom till Haymarket station i god tid. Tåget kom som det skulle, ganska fullt med folk men det mattades av efterhand. Är jag kom fram till Aberdeen så tog jag taxi, var för lat för att orka gå och ta bussen som jag inte hade orkat kolla när den gick. Bussen hade ju blivit billigare men inte så mycket billigare, ok kanske hälften av priset men taxin bara stod där och väntade på mig så snällt…jag kunde ju inte säga nej. Som jag har sagt tidigare taxi är oftast billigare än bussen om man är åtminstone två personer. I alla fall i stan.

Kom tillbaka till Crombie för att hämta ut nyckeln, fick dessutom nya MealPasses, som faktiskt hade våra namn och id-nummer till skillnad från de andra. De andra står det bara meal pass på och sen ett datum så tappade man ett av dem och någon hittade dem så kunde ju vem som helst använda det. Det  nya är dock inte laminerat, ska se om jag kan få någon att göra det åt mig eller åtminstone tala om var man kan göra det. Hade fått två brev medans man var borta, och brev tycker man ju om för det mesta. Den ena var ett brev från Sandra från USA det var det roliga brevet sedan var det det andra som det stod konfidentiellt på, man blev lite darrig, var det banken? Visar sig att det är från NHS som tycker  man ska göra ett ”Cervical Screening Test”. Vi får väl se hur det blir med den saken.

I alla fall jag överlevde och är nu tillbaka till verkligheten…usch! Längtar till den 24 Januari eller förresten det gör jag inte alls. 

Sista natten i Sverige

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Så var Jullovet tillända. Tiden går ju alltför snabbt när man har roligt. Inatt blir så vida inget oförutsett händer sista natten i Sverige på ett tag. Flyget lyfter 18:35 imorgon. Är förhoppningsvis framme i Aberdeen vid midnatt. Har försökt att packa idag, som vanligt får man inte med sig allt man vill om man ska ha med sig allt man eventuellt behöver. Får packa klart imorgon och se vad jag kan få med mig.  


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Börjar så sakteligen förbereda mig för att resa tillbaka till Skottlandm på fredag. Har idag checkat in online så som man måste göra på RyanAir. Så nu är boarding passet utskrivet så nu gäller det bara att ta sig till flygplatsen på fredag och tack o lov så är mamma och pappa så snälla att de bestämt sig för att skjutsa dit mig med bilen :) 


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