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Flat viewing

Publicerad 2013-03-01 23:07:04 i Allmänt,

Had a flat viewing today at 13:00, I was the only one that could make it on time but Sam and Tom popped along a little bit later. The flat we were looking at was a 3 bedroom flat. They look really nice and are really close to the University plus the woman said that she would do everything to have us all 8 in the same building. The flats are fully furnished, with a laundry machine, washing machine and fully equipped kitchen. It is quite expensive, 102.5£ per week and a 12 month contract. So its 5330£ per year which is to be paid in 10 installments. So that would technically mean 444£ per person per month. It is cheaper than the one room I pay for now. But it is not too bad, I guess. For this price everything is included, heating, water, electricity, gas and high speed internet and a cleaner that clears the common area every week.

At first this seemed ok, expensive but ok but then after giving it some thought I think it is a bit over priced for one room I guess but after some more thought I sounded more and more ok. It all depends on what else we can find and how that would compare. But we are going to look around some more and decide later. 


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