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Osteology Practical

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Had my fourth archaeology practical, this time we were up in Forrester Hill which is the medical campus. It as an Osteologi practical, that means a practical with human bones. We first got a lecture on bones for one hour and then there was a 10 page document with questions to answer. 10 different stations with different parts of the human skeleton. I will admit I was not entirely comfortable with all the skeletal parts, or I refused to touch them anyway and it was a weird smell and it was not made better by the medical students in the other part of the room who were examning cadavers. The thing that I was most disturbed by was a glass case of foetal skeletons. I just found it so disturbing. So I know for certain that I do not want to go into a field of human archaeology where I have to deal with human remains too much. I'm just gonna stick to stones or something. So not a great afternoon. Have to go out tonight as one of the boys in the flat turned 19 last week. Well I'll just get spo drunk that I can't remember this afternoon.


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